Who Makes Top Moda Shoes? Overview of the Manufacturer

Top Moda is one of the hottest footwear brands, combining high-fashion house designs and premium materials with a shockingly affordable price tag.

But who makes Top Moda shoes, and how did the brand make its meteoric rise?

We will explore all of that in this article. Additionally, whether you have a wardrobe full of Top Moda shoes or are just finding out about the brand for the first time, we will cover how to style them and the best retailers that carry the iconic brand.

Who Makes Top Moda Shoes?

Given the unique blend of style, durability, and affordable prices, it is clear that Top Moda is a rare breed compared to many footwear brands that fail to meet those standards. So, who makes Top Moda shoes, and how can they check off all the boxes without excessively high price tags?

Introduction to Top Moda as a Brand

Top Moda is one of the flagship brands of Top Guy shoes, which creates and manufactures footwear for women and children. The Los Angeles, California-based brand has existed for nearly 30 years, earning a storied reputation for high quality, dazzling style, and affordable prices.

Top Moda, along with its sister lines for children, Lucky Top and miniModa, carries a wide variety of styles, from cozy boots and elegant high heels to some of the best slipper flats for comfort on the market.

The Manufacturing Process of Top Moda Footwear

The commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in every pair of Top Moda shoes. The manufacturing process behind every Top Moda shoe starts with the design phase, as the brand focuses on timeless styles that synergize seamlessly with any wardrobe.

After finalizing a design, Top Guy works tirelessly to source high-quality and ethical materials that stand the test of time without raising the price tag excessively.

The manufacturing process for Top Moda refuses to cut corners, unlike many shoe brands at a similar price point. Using high-quality materials and designs inspired by the latest trends, every shoe released by Top Moda meets or exceeds standards in the footwear industry.

Why We Love Top Moda Brand Shoes

It is clear that Top Moda breaks the mold compared to other footwear brands, but why do we love them?

Top Moda shoes check every box needed to create a popular high-quality shoe: unique styles, unparalleled comfort, long-lasting durability, and an affordable price tag.

The Unique and Diverse Style of Top Moda Shoes

Ask any fashionista, and they will tell you you can never have too many shoes. Each design complements a different occasion or outfit, allowing you to express your style.

So naturally, you should expect that same versatility within your favorite shoe brands. Top Moda is among the most diverse shoe brands on the market, as you can find everything from trendy sneakers to luxurious high heels.

Top Moda has its fingers on the pulse of the style world, releasing new shoes every season to stay on top of trends. You can shop confidently, knowing their timeless and diverse styles will always enhance your wardrobe.

Affordability Without Compromising Quality

When shopping for shoes, it can often seem like you are choosing between two opposite qualities: price tag and quality.

It can be extremely frustrating to think you are getting a good deal on shoes only to see them break after just a couple of wears.

At the same time, spending a month’s worth of paychecks on shoes just for the chance that they last longer can be just as frustrating.

Thankfully, Top Moda bucks the trend. Thanks to their experience and skill in material sourcing and design, the brand has established itself as the best way to ensure you get premium craftsmanship without breaking the bank.

Comfortable Footwear You’ll Never Want to Take Off

If you spend enough time shopping for shoes throughout your life, you will inevitably stumble on a common problem: buying a stylish pair of shoes without regarding how comfortable they are.

Later, you find yourself grinning and bearing your way through a formal event as your feet ache from an uncomfortable pair of heels or flats. Even if you give in and take your shoes off entirely, you lose out on the style benefits of showing off your new pair of shoes.

However, you can sidestep this dynamic entirely with Top Moda shoes!

As a part of Top Moda’s design process, they ensure their shoes provide a comfortable wearing experience, with cushioned insoles, support for arches, and flexible materials. Due to their relaxed fit, you may even keep a pair of Top Moda high heels on long after returning home from a party or event.

Okay, so you know why we love Top Moda. But where can you find these fabulous shoes?

Where Can You Buy Top Moda?

After reading about the fantastic benefits of these shoes, you may wonder who sells Top Moda brand shoes. Let’s discuss how to look for a retailer to help you start your shopping journey.

What to Look For in a Retailer

When shopping for Top Moda, you want to ensure your experience goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

We recommend shopping at a retailer with a large selection of Top Moda shoes. The brand is known for its design versatility, so you want to ensure you have access to all of the shoes you need to fill out your wardrobe.

Additionally, not every retail shopping experience is equally amazing. Look for retailers that provide an easy shopping experience, including an easy-to-navigate website with plenty of information and pictures.

You also want high-quality customer support, whether you need style advice or must return and exchange shoes to find the right size.

While there is a lot to consider when looking for the right store, finding a retailer that checks all these boxes is easier than you might think.

Why Shop at Shoe Time?

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Tips on Picking the Perfect Pair

There are two vital factors to consider when shopping for new pairs of shoes. You want a stylish pair to make your outfit pop for special occasions while also being functional and comfortable.

Understanding Your Footwear Needs

We highly recommend considering your needs before you begin shopping. Take into account the events and occasions you want a new pair of shoes for, along with any comfort or support requirements you have.

For example, if you need a pair of shoes for daily wear to the office and have high arches, you will want to focus on flats and small heels with enough support to remain comfortable for many hours at a time.

On the other hand, if you are bracing for winter and need a new pair of boots, you should emphasize durability and comfort to ensure you can enjoy your new shoes throughout the season.

The Sizing Side of Things

While you may already have an idea of your shoe size, many shoe brands do things slightly differently.

When buying from a new brand, look through customer reviews to understand how their shoes typically fit. You should also measure your feet and cross-reference those numbers with the brand’s sizing guide.

When buying online, look for a retailer with a helpful customer support team to help you find the right fit and an accommodating return policy in case you need to exchange sizes.

Staying Trendy With Top Moda

Top Moda has plenty of styles for any occasion, whether you want timeless elegance or on-trend glam. Here’s a small sample of some of the most popular styles:

  • Hannah-1 Ankle Strap Heels
  • Gateth-1 Slide Sandals
  • Chunky Heels with Fur
  • Platform Combat Boots
  • Final Thoughts on Who Makes Top Moda Shoes

    Overall, Top Moda fantastically breaks the mold compared to most shoe brands. Top Moda shoes have plenty of versatility, with new releases every season, long-term durability due to expert material sourcing, and affordable price tags.

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    Otherwise, if you are looking for an exquisite pair of comfortable and stylish shoes and want the best deal possible, Shoe Time is the best place to shop. Browse our inventory or contact our customer support team for a recommendation on which pair to choose for your next big event!