Ankle Boots vs Booties: What’s the Difference Between These Styles?

Look inside any fashionista’s closet, and you’ll find at least one pair of boots or booties. These iconic styles are a staple in women’s fashion as versatile options that can elevate your wardrobe.

But with just a couple of letters separating the two, figuring out the differences between booties vs boots can appear tricky at first glance. We’ll break it all down for you, helping you compare booties vs ankle boots to ensure you make the right choice while shopping or putting together an outfit.

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Let’s jump into the debate on ankle boots vs booties.

Is There a Difference Between Boots and Booties?

It’s fair to wonder if there is even a difference between booties vs boots. After all, both styles are versatile, trendy, and comfortable to wear if you find the right pair.

Overview of Traditional Boots

As the first half of the boots vs booties discussion, traditional boots are timeless. Boots cover the entire foot and lower leg, though the specific height can vary. 

You will find boots with shafts covering anywhere from ankle length to above the knee, allowing you to play around with varied silhouettes. This is especially prevalent with trendy styles like fold over boots or padlock boots, which often feature adjustable heights.

Boots often have closures, including laces, zippers, and buckles. These closures help you effortlessly slip your feet in and out.

As for materials, boots often feature high-quality natural or synthetic fabrics, like leather, suede, nylon, or rubber. These materials work with various outfits, allowing you to wear your favorite boots in different settings, from running errands to a night out.

Overview of Booties

Comparing booties vs boots is relatively simple. As the cute name implies, booties are shorter versions of traditional boots. Even when we compare booties vs ankle boots, the former will always be a lightweight version that shows more skin.

Booties can go as high as the ankle, but some will be even lower. Booties offer slightly more coverage than sneakers or sandals but still less than boots. This gives booties a more casual and modern look than taller boot styles.

Booties are popular in the fall and spring when you need some warmth and comfort, but a traditional boot would be too bulky.

Booties vs Boots: Which Style is Right For You?

After learning the basics of each style, it is time to explore the boots vs booties debate in greater detail. Since the two styles are so close together, especially in terms of ankle boots vs booties, we’ll need to look at a few critical criteria to help you find the right choice.

Coverage Height

One of the most vital differences between booties vs boots is the coverage height of each shoe. Traditional boots can range from ankle height to above the knee, while booties only cover up to the ankle.

This makes boots the preferred choice when you want to cover more of your legs. Conversely, booties are lighter and a better fit if you want to show more skin.

Heel Height

Heel styles are another factor in the booties vs boots debate, though the differences here are much more subtle.

Both booties and boots come in a range of heel heights, from flat soles to high heels. As with sandals, the higher the heel, the dressier and more elegant a shoe will look.

While you can find even high stiletto heels on either type of shoe, booties are more likely to have at least a slightly elevated heel. This allows booties to differentiate themselves from traditional flat boots.

Ultimately, this decision is more about where you plan to wear your shoes rather than your preferred style.


Booties and boots can complement a wide variety of outfits.

Boots' taller silhouette allows them to synergize perfectly with most styles. You can tuck a pair of skinny jeans into knee-high boots one night, then rock an all-leather ensemble with the same boots by swapping the jeans for a leather skirt and moto jacket.

Similarly, a pair of calf-length cowboy boots can work in several styles. You could pair them with a flowy dress for a bohemian look, wear them over distressed jeans to embrace country vibes, or even feature them on a night out for a unique style.

Booties are similar in versatility due to their low coverage height. We love rocking heeled booties with shorts or a mini-skirt to elongate the look of our legs. Of course, you can wear the same booties with a cocktail dress for a night out dancing for a put-together look.

Both styles are incredibly versatile, as one pair can often enhance several different types of outfits.

Occasion and Style Preference

With both boots and booties being quite versatile, there are plenty of occasions to wear each style.

Due to their small coverage height, booties give off a modern vibe. Their silhouette is perfect for dressing up everyday looks, helping you feel put together and confident even while running errands. Of course, a high-quality pair of booties also complements formal outfits, especially those with heels.

Boots are a more traditional style, making them an excellent choice for sophisticated evening events as an alternative to high-heeled sandals. The taller silhouette can add flair to jeans and pants or help elongate your legs when worn with a dress.

Boots are also an excellent choice for outdoor activities. Finding the best women’s combat boots or biker boots will give you a hike-ready pair that can be cleaned up and worn to an evening event later that night.

Comfort Considerations

Comfort is an essential factor when choosing between boots and booties. The additional coverage, insulation, and support provided by taller boot styles can benefit activities requiring more foot and ankle protection, such as outdoor adventures or winter weather. 

Conversely, booties offer a light, less bulky feel that is often more comfortable for everyday wear. Because booties only reach as high as the ankle, they are easier to slip on and off while also giving an airy feel while walking.

If you are going to be heading outdoors or you are in the middle of winter, we recommend boots. We prefer booties for everyday tasks, and summertime looks for their lighter feel.

So, Which is Right For You?

We’ve covered the ins and outs of the booties vs boots debate, but which one is right for you?

Ultimately, the decision is so close that it comes down to your tastes.

Boots are an excellent choice for cold weather and outdoor settings, providing plenty of support, insulation, and coverage for a timeless style. Conversely, booties are lightweight, easy to slip on and off, and allow you to show off your legs.

Does Your Wardrobe Need Both?

You can’t go wrong with either side of the boots vs booties argument, so why not both?

Adding both styles to your wardrobe is a fantastic idea! Because each style has its benefits and seasonal uses, you can get plenty of mileage from multiple pairs.

For example, let’s say you add a pair of neutral-tone flat-soled boots, like the best women's biker boots, to your wardrobe for both winter wear and outdoor settings. You can then complement those boots with a trendy pair of heeled booties in a fun hue for an airy, lightweight feel to tie together outfits.

Ultimately, the beauty of fashion is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. You can build out your wardrobe however you please, choosing the styles you want based on your lifestyle and outfits.

Of course, there is one other thing you need to consider while shopping: where to buy your boots and booties from!

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Our Favorite Styles

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Tips on Styling Boots and Booties Alike

Each style acts as the perfect blank canvas for any number of outfits.

With boots, we love cuffing or tucking jeans into them to show off the height. This is especially eye-popping when paired with knee-high boots for a streamlined look.

If you opt for booties, you want to emphasize the silhouette of your legs. Pair them with cropped jeans or pants to show off the shoe, or wear them with mini skirts and short-hemmed dresses to elongate your look.

Boots and booties offer plenty of flexibility, so have fun experimenting with different outfits! You can also talk to our support team for more helpful tips, as we love talking about fashion.

Bringing Our Comparison of Ankle Boots vs Booties to a Close

Overall, boots and booties are some of the most iconic shoe styles. While they share plenty of similarities, including their comfort and versatility, the few subtle differences can be the difference in how your outfit appears.

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