Butterfly Heels vs Chunky Heels: Key Differences and Choosing the Right Pair

As a lover of all things fashion, you know the value of both timeless styles and hot new trends. There’s a rising debate in the world of footwear that is stumping fashionistas: figuring out the best shoe to add to your wardrobe between butterfly heels and chunk heels.

Thankfully, we’re here to simplify this choice for you. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the butterfly heels vs chunky heels debate, including how each style is defined and which situations it excels in.

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What’s the Difference Between Butterfly Heels and Chunky Heels?

At first glance, the debate on butterfly heels vs chunky heels is simple: the former is a trendy new style that will turn heads, while the latter is a classic look that will never go out of style.

However, once we look closer, you’ll realize the two are much more alike than you think!

What are Butterfly Heels?

As one of the hottest trends of late, you’ve likely seen butterfly heels pop up on runways, social media feeds, and shopping wishlists.

Butterfly heels are more than just a single style. Each pair is characterized by delicate accents in the shape of butterflies, anywhere from the straps to the toe box to even the heel itself.

Outside the common thread of butterfly accents, butterfly heels come in various styles, from elegant rhinestone heels to bold platform heels.

The accents on butterfly heels have the rare ability to elevate nearly any outfit. You can pair them with a simple everyday outfit to add elegance while running errands or wear butterfly heels for glam on an evening out.

This versatility made butterfly heels famous, ensuring they remain trendy for years.

What are Chunky Heels?

What about the other side of the butterfly heels vs chunky heels?

Chunky heels have been a staple in fashion for years. They provide a put-together look and sufficient support. They are identified by their extra-thick heels, which distribute weight evenly and offer a comfortable wearing experience.

Like butterfly heels, chunky heels come in various styles, with the only common denominator being their thickness. This gives you many aesthetic options to mesh well with any wardrobe or event.

You may have noticed a quirk in both of these definitions: a pair of sufficiently thick heels that features butterfly accents will belong to both categories. If you love both styles, rest assured that there are pairs out there that offer the best of both worlds, like Wild Diva’s chunky butterfly heels.

For now, though, let’s dive into the details of the debate.

Butterfly Heels vs Chunky Heels: Which Style is Right For You?

There's much to consider when shopping for a new pair of heels to add to your wardrobe. Between heel height and shape, comfort levels, adaptability to different wardrobes and events, durability, and price, choosing butterfly heels vs chunky heels will require you to get introspective about what you want.

Heel Shape and Structure

The shape of the heel is one of the defining factors of chunky heels. You know exactly what to expect with a pair of chunky heels: a sturdy and thick heel that provides lasting, all-day support.

However, chunky heels may not resonate with you if you prefer a thinner stiletto-style heel. Butterfly heels have more flexibility regarding heel structure, as you can find them ranging from extra-thin to thick, chunky heel styles.

Design Aesthetics

While neither heel style is a monolith in terms of design, there are a few trends you’ll commonly see while shopping for them.

Thanks to their whimsical butterfly accents, butterfly heels evoke a delicate nature. Whether their heels are thin or thick, they give elegant and glamorous vibes and often feature extra embellishments like rhinestones.

Chunky heels are stylish in their own right, but most give off an edgier aesthetic than butterfly heels. Their thick heels lend to a more substantial silhouette, creating a striking appearance. We generally prefer chunky heels without accents for bold and grungy outfits.

Comfort and Support

The comfort level of both butterfly and chunky heels will vary significantly based on the shoe's overall design. Thicker heels styles found on chunky heels will naturally feel easier on your feet for all-day wear, but plenty of butterfly heels also use thicker heels.

As such, the comfort and support provided by either shoe style depends more on the brand you buy from. Heels made with plush materials and stable insoles will best support your feet.

Generally, a pair of stiletto heels made with high-quality materials will be more comfortable than a pair of thick heels made with cheap and uncomfortable materials, so consider this when looking for support.

Versatility and Occasions

Both butterfly and chunky heels are extraordinarily versatile shoe styles. Whether you are rocking a glamorous pair of pink heels for an evening party or a chunky low block heel to fit a rebellious look, you’ll have a fantastic style for multiple occasions.

We recommend planning your outfits while shopping. A chunky heel with an imposing silhouette may be the better choice if your wardrobe is full of edgy styles. Conversely, a delicate butterfly heel would be ideal if you have lots of elegant clothing in your closet.

Durability and Longevity

As with the comfort and support level of butterfly and chunky heels, durability is another factor that is influenced more by the brand of the shoe rather than the style.

Both butterfly and chunky heels can feature high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship that ensure a sturdy base. The inverse is also true, as several cheap brands out there lack the quality needed to hold up after multiple wears.

Price Range

While butterfly heels are a hot new trend, they generally fall into similar price points for chunky heels of comparable quality. You’ll find either heel style in stores ranging from fast fashion brands to high fashion houses straight off the runway.

So, Which is the Right Style for You?

Ultimately, the choice between each style will come down to your aesthetic preferences, the level of support you desire, and your typical activities. The significant differences between the two styles are heel thickness and the aesthetic vibe. Butterfly heels generally feel more elegant and delicate, while chunky heels often have an edgier, sturdier look.

Why Not Have Both in Your Wardrobe?

At the end of the day, butterfly and chunky heels are two blanket terms for various styles. There are many occasions when a particular style is preferred, and much of your choice comes down to personal preference.

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Remember, many of the critical factors you are searching for in a shoe, like support, durability, and style, are determined more by the brand you shop from than the specific shoe style. This lets you hone in on the styles you want and look for brands that match your standards afterward.

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    Final Thoughts on Butterfly Heels vs Chunky Heels

    Whether you're drawn to the delicate enchantment of butterfly heels or the bold statement of chunky heels, both styles will elevate your look and boost your confidence. From the intricate details of butterfly heels to the sturdy support of chunky designs, these captivating high-heel options offer a world of stylistic possibilities.

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